Why 4zero Consulting?

4zero (40) Consulting is a company built on dignity and a sense of worthiness. We are dependable and patient, yet persistent. Our methodical approach makes achievement of goals a step-by-step accomplishment.

We place great attention on building an ever more secure foundation for the future. If a secure foundation is already in place, then attention goes to making it more secure or to creating backups in case the foundation should prove less secure than thought.

Courses of action are thought all the way through before commencing an undertaking. Every step that can be determined is determined and the steps are followed in order to accomplish the goal, compliance.


Look Like A Business

180-Day VIP Coaching Program

Designed for start-ups

Create rock-solid business foundation

Ensuring your business can compete in the Funding, Corporate and Government workspaces

Compliance Program Assessment

Designed for Thriving, Established Businesses

Discovery Call

Compliance Program Assessment

Compliance Report Review and Recommendations

Compliance Program

Designed for Thriving, Established Businesses

Developing and Managing Regulatory and Corporate Compliance Program following assessment

Compliance Training

Over 1000 Training Courses Available (Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Soft Skills, Customer Service, etc.)

Coming Soon

Compliance Hotline/Incident Management

Online Compliance Incident Management Reporting Services

Compliance Hotline (Coming Soon)

Management Systems

Designed for Thriving, Established Businesses

Development of user-friendly, client-specific Compliance Management system

Development of customized or restructure of Microsoft SharePoint database used for logging, trending and archiving internal and/or external requests, reports, policies and memos 

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Does your small business need a Compliance Department?

Did you know having an effective compliance program can reduce your stress level and culpability should you ever have a compliance issue?

Did you know 1 in every 10 small business has some type of non-compliance incident throughout the lifetime of their business?

Did you know the average Small Business fine is over $30k