Why Choose 4zero Consulting?

At 4zero (40) Consulting, we embody dignity and a strong sense of worthiness. Our unwavering dependability and patience, combined with our persistent nature, make us the ideal partner for your needs.

With our methodical and strategic approach, we ensure that achieving goals becomes a step-by-step accomplishment. Building a secure foundation for the future is our top priority. If a secure foundation is already in place, we focus on making it even more secure or creating reliable backups to safeguard against any unforeseen vulnerabilities.

Before embarking on any project, we meticulously plan each course of action. We leave no stone unturned, considering every possible step to ensure success and compliance. Our commitment to thoroughness sets us apart and guarantees that our clients achieve their desired outcomes.


Look Like A Business

180-Day VIP Coaching Program

Designed for start-ups

Create rock-solid business foundation

Ensuring your business can compete in the Funding, Corporate and Government workspaces

Compliance Program Assessment

Designed for Established Businesses

Discovery Call

Compliance Program Assessment

Compliance Report Review and Recommendations

Compliance Program

Designed for Established Businesses

Developing Regulatory and Corporate Compliance Program following assessment

Compliance Training

Over 1300 Training Courses Available (Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Soft Skills, Customer Service, etc.)

Compliance Hotline/Incident Management

Online Compliance Incident Management Reporting Services

Compliance Hotline (Coming Soon)

Management Systems

Designed to Empower Established Businesses

Developing user-friendly, client-specific Compliance Management systems

Customizing or restructuring Microsoft SharePoint databases for efficient logging, trending, and archiving of internal and/or external requests, reports, policies, and memos

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Is your small business in need of a dedicated Compliance Department?

Discover how implementing an effective compliance program can greatly reduce your stress level and potential liability, ensuring peace of mind in case of any compliance issues.

Did you know that the average fine for a Small Business exceeds $30k?